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we need to concentrate on more than meets the eye

I just saw 'The Punisher' and it got me into thinking (which is odd, the movie was a no-think kinda affair) that New Zealand could do with some Organised Crime. I'm pretty damn sure there is none, and that makes me sad. It's the kind of job that would keep you on your toes, or else you're dead. How cool is that. I think it's a fantastic opportunity for New Zealand. It may take a while to set it up, get in that circle ya know, but I'm sure it would be worth it. Except I wouldn't have my dudes wearing those shitty shades, they were pretty shit in the movie.

Also, while playing Need For Speed Underground 2, I have come to conclude that Brooke Burke is fucking hot. Unfortunately I'm too tired and not particularly bothered in posting pictures, so bad luck for people out there.

My advice:

I love Google, I guess most people live off it, and for good reasons. very good reasons. Good reasons are hard to come by these days, it usually just emotions. We live off emotions, no common sense really. Maybe if I become part of an Organised Crime Syndicate I could kill everyone and feel no emotions. That would kick ass. Do it for yourself I say.

First, to take over Telecom. Or kill it. Kill it to the ground. I feel most of New Zealand would be behind me on this, so it shouldn't be too hard. Then from the ashes, start a decent telecommunications company, or similar. That can be but the beginning. Minor details can be patched up later.

So that's me out for tonight. Tomorrow morning I'll get to have my FOURTH chocolate from my advent calender. This should make you jealous. Don't be jealous. It's an emotion, a feeling. It's bad.

P.S. Anyone I've ever loved (minus family of course), this includes friends, good friends, majority of cousins, possibly not best friend(s) though, but I don't have any, so sucks to not be one, you can expect to be shot or exploded or killed in some fashion. I'll try to make it stylish. Love yas!
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Bronze Dragon

You are a bronze dragon! You are the biggest of
the males, and generally you are the only one
who gets to mate with the queen. You are an
excellent leader. Your human partner is likely
to be a Wingleader or even Weyrleader, the
person in charge of the entire Weyr, and you
are the mate of the senior queen. You are
respected by the lower colors, and if you are
the Weyrleader's dragon you are always obeyed,
unless the queen contradicts you. Since queens
are relatively uncommon, you are widely
considered by humans the best dragon to be
paired with.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
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I left my door open when I went to get some food. Two hours later and my place is full of mozzies. Fuck.
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. . . i'd rather go back to the dreams i'm living in my head

When school ends, I feel a sense of 'bout bloody time' mixed up with 'aww man', the latter usually because of the people I shall most likely never see again, and also because it signals the coming of the ending of the year, the former is taken with a bit of accomplishment.

Ben's Review of the Year 2004
Overall, I found this year to be a great one, some downs, but plenty of ups. I can sorta see the person I'm becoming now, might not be what I was expecting, but that was a mere dream anyway. Unless I win Lotto, then I'll be who I thought about. Oh yeeea.
End of Ben's Review of the Year 2004

Holidays have more or less begun, and so I stated doing my Spring clean (in Summer! Aha. Or is it?) and I found my exam slip from last year. Such a hoarder I am. Also found a secret stash of money. Damn secret I say, because I forgot clean about it.
I told myself to use it in emergencies.
It's already gone.

When Mother and I went up to Auckland last Tuesday, we had such a jolly time. So jolly in fact, that when we were playing Air Hockey, the puck that I just hit did a ricochet off the side of the table and nearly hit some Asian guy playing Outrun 2. I did behind the table and burst into laugher as he said 'that very dangerous'. While out Mum got one of those pens that shocks you if you push down the clicky bit that isn't actually clicky and should be called the shocking bit but you don't know that until you try it or someone tells you which would suck because then you won't get a surprise and become very cautious and hope no one will jab it in your eye because then it would be like electroshock therapy like those guys did back a few decades ago on mental patients and I think it didn't work and actually just made them worse which is bad because then their pets won't get fed and then they will starve and die but then that's ok because insects will love it and have alot to eat. But yea, she got me with it. And Dad. I hear his car pull up the driveway, as he got back from work, then the door closes and shuts, some talking then a 'FUCK!'. It was great.

This morning in an effort to get awake, I got the pen, took a breath then shocked myself. It kinda worked a bit. But the Media Studies exam was still rather long, my hand hurts Yea. Whatever.
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the time of study

Four school days left till the end of Term 4 (yay!) - and the beginning of Year 12 NCEA exams (curses). With all this pressure that teachers have been putting onto us due to them not planning goodly enough, work loads seem to be enormous, like a giant elephant no less. But because we live in Pukekohe (translation: Town of Last Minutes. Or Town of Herbal Remedies, can't be sure) this should be expected. So without further ado, here is what I have been spending my valuable and lessening time studying:

Driving about.
Playing Call of Duty.
Sleeping. Alot.

Saturday night I was given a brief 5 minute warning that I was to be going to the movies with Nisha and Nicole. So off we went, with bits of confusion on what we were doing. Eventually we found our way to the cinema, at which we saw 'The Forgotten'. I promised Nisha that this would not be a scary movie, as she wasn't too keen on seeing a scary movie. It turned out to be a scary movie.
Still kicked ass though.

Then we went to find a Wendy's for refreshments. After taking about 5 minutes to find out where the entrance for the drive through was, we arrive at the order taking whatchacallit. The person taking our order, I would have sweared was a male, I even said "it's a guy!" to Nicole and Nisha. However, when we arrived at the payment window, it wasn't. I didn't know whether she heard me or not, but I kept my head low and avoided eye contact, with fear of being attacked. I was thankful once we got to the order pick-up window. Even more thankful because they gave us a free extra large combo. Hahaha! Suckers. We proceeded to not be good samaritans and consume.

I found out that The Donnie Darko Director's Cut is showing at the Rialto from the 11th of November. Fuck yea. Yea.

I have recently got myself a whiteboard in an attempt to help me remember things. So referring to it, I have now remembered to mention the following:

1) We had our third and final Meningococcal B vaccinations. This one actually hurt unlike the others. And to make it worse, some stupid bitch told me I couldn't eat, even though I ate after my first one. She says "It's not just a rule for you, it's for everyone. If you faint it's alot harder to perform CPR on you with food in your mouth" I say "But I'm fine". She gets angry and in my face "Put it away now!" I thought she was going to take my sandwich and stomp it. Here's an idea bitch, why not have a vasectomy.

2) Me and Nick from work are now Super Saver buddies, as we have the Super Saver sticker on our uniforms. We rule.

3) Most of the notes on my whiteboard are hard to read.
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Nearly two months have past since last time. Two whole months. Nearly. Since those eventful Ballroom dancing days, the ball (and afterball no less) have passed, as have many ups and downs. The most obvious which were:

Ups: Got my Restricted drivers license AND a car
Downs: Lost my wallet, which contained my license (but not my car thankfully)

So that left me with lots of re-applying for things to do, along with getting a new wallet and Mother insisting I get a chain for it. Then I found my wallet again.

School has been alright, had our practice exams before Term 3 ended, and two weeks of lovely, lovely joyous holidays. In which I seemed to be quite content with, keeping busy but not too busy, unfortunately I cannot remember any of them. Except we (Michael + Renee, Andrew and I) went to Waitomo Caves for a snitch of abseiling, flying foxing underground and complete darkness. Great stuff.

You may notice I put a '+' in between Michael and Renee there, that's just to indicate their togetherness. Nisha + Andrew are also spicing things up, and so now in our wee group of six, four are now dating. Amazing really, but not so amazing, because everyone has known each other for so long. I guess that figures out.

FAS has been created at school by FAS President Nisha, also known as 'Film Appreciation Society'. There we watch awesome movies, that mainstream people probably haven't seen, so far we have watched Citizen Kane, Donnie Darko, Lost in Translation and today was The Butterfly Effect. I'm also sure I've missed one. . . no matter, all these films are the goods, if you haven't seen them, you bring shame to your family.

Oh yes, the ball and afterball were great fun, post more on them when I find me some photos. And I'll post more when I remember shiz. Yay!
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Watch out! It's the . . . Foodtown Monster!!

I sit here waiting for Michael to oh so kindly pick me up to go to Ballroom dancing. I swear he must get sick of it, driving two minutes to pick me up, then turning around and going the other way (no exit road you see). I really feel bad every time he does it. Shan't be for too longer hopefully, once (and if) I get my restricted, the date of which is ever so quickly creeping up on me. Sitting it in a column change is sure gonna be fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Those last few words came from my (slightly drunk) Aunty Lynn's mouth. I seem to get on really well with her, we had a grand conversation at her 40th par-tay. She has been doing Karate the past several months, and is really really good, she's entering a tournament that is coming up soon, so good luck to her.

Dancing is going to be great tonight, I never went last time, due to me being incredibly tired and going to bed at 7pm. First time in years I've got 12 hours sleep, it was so good. I recommend it to all those sleep deprived people out there. Let yourself go, get some sleep. You can thank my wisdom later. Maybe I'll get a donation box going, that's all the rage these days for easy money.

Reason for my tiredness was Talia/Bovills/Boon's combined par-tay, all taking place at Talia's wee abode. It was raining a bit unfortunately, but there was a gazebo, and a cosy indoor environment. As far as prezzies go, I got Talia a book on men's underwear (it was really hard to buy, I had to pick it up with my sleeve, and not look at with, the lady at the teller. . . well I don't want to know what she thought of the matter) as she wanted underwear, I gave Boon $20 towards this awesome Gothic chess set he got when he didn't have enough cash, Andrew received a hackey sack that has bright LEDs in it, so it glows in the dark (but he dropped it in he mud at Talia's, and considering it's white. . .), and finally, for Renee, I got her a recipe book - on chocolate. Last time I tried to offer her some chocolate, she said she didn't want any because of her being on a diet. So yes, I am an asshole. I'm proud of who I am. I also found it relaxing a certain points to go outside by myself and stand next to/on the road looking at the stars, as the clouds moved away after a while. The railway track was cool too, and some guys put coins on it. When (and if) they found the coins, they were stretched and whatnot, they looked funky.

The day before the party, when I was at work, I found myself rather intrigued by a cardboard box. So I cut eye holes in it. Then drew a face on it (a scary face no less). Walked around a bit with it on, stole some stuff from butchery (they never knew it was me! Muhahaha!). I then wrote 'The Foodtown Monster' on the back of it, and with a large piece of brown wrapping paper, stuck it to the back, and cut it into fine stands, as to resemble hair. Mother had to get some products from the store when she came to pick me up, so I walked properly around the store with in on. Not many people found it amusing, especially the sour cow that served us. Geez, lighten up people. I mean, I could be a masked robber, or a person that's stalking you, but please, find the lighter side of things. Anyways, I wore this to Talia's, and they (actually) didn't know who it was, it was awesome. Or maybe they got the drinking started early *shrug* Needless to say, it was a piece of. . .

Wearable Art(s) was on during the Arts week at school recently, and was really cool. My interest in the arts have seemed to picked up again, so that is good for all. But anyways, Nisha had an entry in the Gotham City category, the detail was stunning. I know she put lots of work into it, with all the late nights and so forth, so maybe she can catch up with her many lost hours of rest now it's over. And awesomely enough, Neesh got first place in her category. I dunno how loud I shouted in support, but my throat got quite sore, heh.

Now I must sleep, school tomorrow, I shall finish this entry tomorrow, as I seem to have a lot to write. Gargh
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In the news today. . .

Ahh, so sorry, so sorry. I'm only hurting myself by not doing my journal, as when I go to look back on my past, there will be big empty voids of time gone by.

And believe me, my life has not been quite that dull, I just really haven't found any motivation lately. I'm getting there though. Due to short term memory, I can only tell you bits and pieces of the goings on. Two words (times three): Butane canisters; ballroom dancing; being blunt. I love being blunt, it beats being nice to people, and far more instantly satisfying. Although, I suppose in a way it is being nice, as uh...well I guess...*looks around*

Butane is a gas. Gas + fire = explosion. This equals fun. And potential injury. Which is funny if it isn't you. So all in all, it rates rather highly on my fun-o-meter.
And for the (obviously kept) record, one of these cheap tin cans can shake the Bovills' house from across the road.

Ballroom dancing is the shiz, although I'm not sure I take it quite seriously enough, but it's just a bit of fun right, hehe. But like everything (such as driving) I tend to zone out after a while, and only basic movements are available to me. Poses a problem frequently. I believe sleep to be the key. Must..get..more....sleep... Except not now, I have to finish up here.

There are a few people with their birthdays being celebrated about this time, such as Andrew, Renee, Talia and Boon. So the spirit of birthdays remind me it is the thought that counts.

^ Big birthday present hint ^

Please, be a thoughtful person.
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Don't try to snap plastic forks in half. They will split the other way and dig into skin, possibly causing blood.
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