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Please hold me till my breath runs out

I just remembered - the other weekend was totally rad.

Walking down Karangahape Road, and who do I see? A dude from Callista! Holy moly I thought, and so I had a quick chat with the fellow. Very nice. And they put on a blimmin' freakin' crap-your-pants-tastic show. They've put my faith back into Christian music. (You see that? See what I did there? A great play on words. I didn't even think about it, magic happens whenever I write, I swear)
After that, when I did not even think for a second my day could get better, it smacked me in the face and told me YEAH! Damn well it can you blumpkin!

Involved Clothing have been around for a wee while now. I originally saw it scattered around on TradeMe, so noticing there was a store in close proximity to me I had to go have a look-see. The dude (who founded it I believe) was uber nice, and he does some funky shit. I love it. If you read this _______ (I'm pretty darn sure your name begins with T...I'll just call you Mr T from now on. Curse my memory!) I am gearing up bro, and dangit I have the need to get involved.

This weekend just past was nearly as awesome as the one I just described. I saw the new 007 mooovie and that was so action-packed I found it hard to be occupied with anything else. Not that I do anything else than watch the big moving thing on the big screen when I'm in a packed out cinema. No no. Carrying on quick like, Michael had his Birthday/Xmas/Sean's Birthday/possibly something else party. It was cool. The jukebox was pumpin' the mean sounds! Good stuff.

My Alsation does not want to go walkies with me on a burning hot day down the scorching hot tarsal country road. What a bitch.

I sold my car of 3 years, replacing her with not even any remorse. No I lie! I felt sad. No tears, but I never saw the new owners pick her up and whisk her away (those bastards). It was better that way. Who knows how that would have gone, but no doubt it would have been terrible. I woul dhave had to fight them off. A seven nation army would not be able to hold back my emotions. Or my HUGE punch/punch/kick combo.

New car doesn't even have a name yet. My Grandma tells me she was the first person to have a colour television in New Zealand. Or was it the first person on her street... the mystery!

Ending on a positive note, and to settle your curiosity, a blumpkin can be described like this: Receiving oral sex while taking a poo. So that makes it a Verb no? I didn't use it right = (
But please, only try this on the toilet, that seems more hygienic.
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