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Fresh Yourself Up

Inanimate objects 3 - Ben 0

I finally got reamed. By a giant tin box.

Well maybe not exactly like that. It shaved a large bit of skin off the feely side of my pinky though, as it fell from my usually iron-like grasp, smearing my digits like butter against the side of a work ute. But since things ALWAYS happen in threes, nothing can touch me now. At work anyway, which is a relief since it is a construction site. Very dangerous. Which is why they give us some kick ass white hats and fancy fluorescent vests.

Anyways, I'm going to do something I'm not proud of, but things are building up and I just haven't got around to putting them into paragraphs and giving this entry 'flow'. Not many can (usually) flow like me. If any.

Not many.

If any.

AFI Live = the awesome. Totally cool. All the songs they played were either from 'Sing the Sorrow' or 'Decemberunderground' apart from when they played 'God Called In Sick Today'. Would have been cool to hear some other oldies but no matter, the show was brilliant, with um..oh god I'm running out of good words to use. It was really awesome. That's all I need to say.

There has been an evil twin of me doing bad things lately.

Fuck stealing petrol is stupid. You know, if you use your own car to do it.

Kenny and I went to Spookers on Halloween. I thought it was fabulous! There was this trippy as 3D part, and all the painting on the wall stood out. So very cool. And then The Bleeders played. A good Tuesday Night.

There has been lots of cool Television Ads lately. My favourite is the C4 ad with everyone in the house (backed by the song 'K' by The Tutts), it's so wicked, I love it. And there's the Fresh Up ad! A stupid catchy little tune that has me saying it whenever I think of it. So watch out.

Big Boys Toys was on last weekend, it had lots of things I wanted. Like that Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and mortar shells and woman revealing a large quota of skin.

I heard Tim Burton directed the new Killers video for 'Bones'. I haven't seen it yet but it will surely be cool. There will be skeletons and bones I reckon.

On a bit of a serious note, I get insanely jealous I have discovered (once again) over real little things. Then jealousy becomes rage, rage becomes hate, and hate leads to the dark side. I might elaborate on this later.

A power cut stuck last Thursday. Even though I have a surge protector it still somehow fucked my shiny blue power supply on my computer. So I had to get a new one.

Yes, this is the tenth segment. I had something planned to put here but it has exploded in proportions and is now going to need it's own entry. Stay tuned.

Much love to my people.
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