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Previously (as in, almost my whole life) I had never had any career aspirations, but since the opportunity has presented itself, I am now thinking that Air-Con and Refrigeration may be the way to go since I'm already in the field a bit.Just to show that it's not WHAT you know (that would result in disaster) but WHO you know (I have a large, very large extended family), my Uncle Bruce got me a job with his best friend and my now current Boss. He had some balls taking on someone who had never done anything at all remotely connected with such a field, but I thank him for doing such a thing. Doing a job that was out of my comfort zone has really paid off, and I've got a shitload more skillz that what I had being a lazy bum. Weird.

Now it's hard to talk about anything other than work. It dominates my life, but in a good, arousing way. So what else can I tell you about? Well tomorrow it's going to be Halloween. Me and K-Dawg are heading to Spookers to get scared like little girls and also see The Bleeders play, LIVE! I just hope it isn't too packed out with faggots who think they're too cool to be scared at an attraction they paid for to get scared at.

While The Bleeders are a decent band, I have never seen anything like The Mint Chicks playing live, which is what I got to witness Labour Weekend at the AUT Quad. Beyond words, beyond definition, but holy moly, absolutely fucking brilliant. At the Big Day Out '07 (which I totally looking forward to right now, more than anything else) I am dragging anyone I know to go see them. You will thank me later.

Oh yes you will! Yes you will!
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