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Sorry everyone.

Shortly just before Christmas had time to grace every small child's heart, I fell off a high level building's roof and violently threw myself into a deep coma. From the few people who have come to visit me, they had told me stories of the world and all that had happened in the months that I had been oblivious to. I feel as though I have missed so much. Everything is different, my input to the earth has been missing. Now I must do my part to make sure I am not ever forgotten again. I thank you, loyal reader, for the future, because I know you will come to my aid in this most solemn matter.

Actually. I'm lying.

You can though, loyal reader, help me in one small matter.

Now that I may or may not have your attention, which I'm pretty sure I'll have anyway when you realize what this is:

. . . I want everyone to go HERE so that for one, you can get the latest version of Messenger Plus! by Patchou, because it's awesome, and two that I have some more chances to win a PSP or a laptop. You may wonder why you want to help me win these things.

I'll tell you why.

1.  It will make me happy that I won.
2.  I haven't won anything before, so it will make me happy that I won.
3.  I'll feel as though my life is worth living, which will be a direct result of me being happy that I won.
4.  I can send you a picture of me using my fantastic new electronic device, with a massive smile on my lovely face, which will piss you off and make me happy (that I won).

Messenger Plus! 3.50

So get to it boys and girls.

Now preferably.

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